Intellectual Property Careers, is a branch of ARS, the leading IP placement agency in the country, and focused on launching the careers of candidates with advanced scientific degrees interested in becoming Patent professionals.

Its no secret that the America Invents Act has revitalized the Patent Law profession. Nor is it a secret that the demand for professionals with advanced scientific degrees, especially Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, increases daily as Patent Law firms need up-to-date technical guidance. That’s why ARS is investing in graduate students’ futures and helping them become  Registered Patent Agents – at our expense.

Here’s how it works:
If a candidate with an advanced degree accepts a position through us, we will reimburse them, not only for the Patent exam, but also for their online preparation course! If they decide to sit for the Patent bar first, we will reimburse them for the same costs.
We will guide you through the steps to develop successful career in Patent law, at no cost to you.

“I am writing this letter to recommend Jim Szczerba to whoever seeking employment in Intellectual Property business.

It was about a year ago that I contacted Jim asking if he could help me finding a suitable job as a technical advisor in a reputable IP firm. Jim reviewed my resume and set up two interviews for me with employers which ended up to a job with one of them for me. I appreciate all his effort from matching my talent to employer requirements and also his valuable feedback after each interview. Jim is well recognized among many lawfirms and has a good reputation among peers. I definitely recommend him and his services to both employers and job seekers.”


Best Regards,
Arian Shoari, Ph.D.
Technical Specialist
Volpe Koenig